Professional Development Solutions

Do you want to take your career to the next level? Creating the career you desire is possible through coaching and professional development with Cheryl. Enjoy coaching, certificate programs, workshops, retreats, and conferences. The following professional development solutions will be yours:

  • You will find the career you desire during this time of change and/or transition
  • You will be become more creative, innovative, and productive
  • Your leadership skills will be developed and new opportunities will be possible
  • You will become confident in your management skills as a supervisor or supervisee
  • You will have the skills to create and implement experiential programming and services
  • Your workplace will be a Mindful Workplace Community
  • You will manage workplace conflict with confidence, including: generational differences, communication challenges, morale issues, and more!
  • You will be “culturally intelligent” with understanding of your biases and triggers
  • You will thrive and find great joy in your meaningful career

Cheryl’s new book is now available on Use this link to purchase a copy today:  The Journey In: Creating the Life You Desire

Individual Coaching

Do you want to: find a new career, take your career to the next level, develop the skills and tools to be your best you professionally, become the leader you have always wanted to be, manage stress in the workplace, find life-work balance, develop communication skills that position you for success, love what you do and make a difference? Then coaching with Cheryl is your answer to get you there. Contact Cheryl today to schedule your next coaching session!

Journey Workgroup

The Journey In - Creating the Life You DesireCheryl Schwartz, M.A., life coach and the author of the book “The Journey In: Creating the Life You Desire,” is providing workgroup sessions for those wanting a “facilitated” process for exploring the concepts and completing the experiential activities in the book. You will reflect, learn, build tools, and actively move your life forward towards your desired goals and outcomes — discover all of life’s possibilities. Workgroup sessions are available as individual coaching sessions or in a group format. The book and the workgroup sessions will:

  • Assists you in living a moment-to-moment intentional life of joy and passion
  • Provide clarity and get you unstuck in the face of challenge, fear, and stress
  • Move your life forward with new tools, skills, and management strategies
  • Help you become the superhero of your own story; of your own life

Group or Individual Session Include:

  • Mindfulness Foundations, Path of Least Resistance, Law of the Possible
  • Managing Fear/Creating Courage, Caring for Self, Decision Making
  • Being in Relation to Others, Leadership, Thriving with Chronic Conditions
  • Getting from Here to the Life You Desire

Times: Vary

Location: Central Denver location (unless planned otherwise with client)

Fee: $90/per individual session (packages available) or $60/per person for groups of 6 or more (we accept cash, checks, all credit cards)

Registration:  Pre-registration required.  Registration Form available upon request

Preparation: Please purchase the book in advance at and read the chapters being discussed prior to attending each session!

**Do you want to host a Journey Workgroup for your friends, book group, organization, clients or students? Cheryl will come to you to provide a Journey Workgroup. Contact Cheryl today to get started!

Certificate in Experiential Facilitation and Programming

Pole Activity PhotoDo you want your learning, training, or therapeutic environment to be more creative, practical, experiential, and exciting? Is your “bag of tricks or toolbox” falling flat with students, participants, or clients? Do you desire/need greater theoretical context to support your praxis? If so, this certificate is for you.

Creating and facilitating a “hands-on” learning environment promotes the practical application of information, tools, and skills that can last a lifetime for all learners. This certificate program provides teachers, trainers, therapists, coaches, homeschoolers, and other practitioners new and innovative facilitation and programming tools and strategies to take your practice to the next level.

Participants in this program learn experiential education theory, acquire facilitation skills, and develop specific curriculum and/or program components for immediate implementation in their everyday work. Completion of the certificate requires 40 hours of participation: 20 hour onsite training & 20 hours of mentored coaching and self-directed practicum (coaching and practicum hours must be completed within 3 months from start date to earn the full certificate – coaching hours not to exceed 8 hours).

Creating a Mindful Workplace Community

AAl in light bulb “Mindful Workplace Community” increases team cohesion, strategic execution, and innovation, resulting in employee and customer communication, satisfaction, and morale. Inspired by the Mindfulness practices of moment-to-moment intention, awareness, and right-striving for productivity, we partner with you and your organization in employing our three-step approach: Becoming Authentic, Commitment to Team, and Mindful Workplace Community. We have created a video that illustrates the importance and timeliness of this program; demonstrating the workplace challenges of today and solutions for moving toward success.

VIEW THE VIDEO:  and contact us today to begin your journey of creating a Mindful Workplace Community. 

Click here for more information:  Creating Mindful Workplace Community Flyer

Creating a Generationally Cohesive Workplace

Generational PhotoToday, the workplace is undergoing significant changes. In most organizations there are as many as four generations of employees and leaders working together and it is estimated that Millennials will make up as much as 75% of the U.S. workforce by 2025. Creating a Generationally Cohesive Workplace is critical to the agility and success of your organization at all levels. Catalyst Healthy Solutions’ Creating a Generationally Cohesive Workplace program will facilitate your organizations success in becoming optimally productive and cohesive. Your organization will benefit in the following ways:

  • Improved multiple-generational relationships in the areas of:  authenticity, communication, candor, and respect
  • Enhanced innovation with improved decision making and strategic execution
  • Successful leadership and followership development for Millennial employees
  • Increased Millennial retention, reduced absenteeism, and improved presenteeism
  • A cultural norm which celebrates the generational characteristics that diversify your workforce and promotes morale
  • Decreased stress and enhanced resilience to create a “well” organization
  • Improved customer/client care
  • Heightened employee and customer loyalty
  • Your organization will be the nimble, successful organization you desire

Click here for more information:  Creating Generationally Cohesive Workplace Flyer

Creating a Compassionately Healthy Workplace

Compassion PhotoProviding compassionate and superior customer, client, patient, or student service is critical to your success. Do your employees suffer from COMPASSION FATIGUE? Compassion Fatigue, also known as Secondary Traumatic Stress (STS), is often defined as a decrease in compassion due to stress over time or a traumatic event resulting in sleeplessness, emotional distress, relationship challenges, and loss of productivity. Caring for those with whom you work to the point of burnout, communication snafus, low morale, organizational exhaustion, and employee turnover is not healthy for the short or long-term health of your organization, its employees, and ultimately those you serve. There is help for your employees, work teams, and organization…

Creating a Compassionately Healthy Workplace is Catalyst Healthy Solutions’ answer to   addressing the challenges that lead to Compassion Fatigue, while providing employees and organizations necessary tools for:

  • Identifying Compassion Fatigue risk
  • Creating stress management techniques to combat stress and burnout
  • Building operational systems that promote a “well” organization
  • Managing workplace relationships for optimal communication, candor, and respect
  • Improving retention, reducing absenteeism, and heightening morale
  • Improving customer, client, patient or student self-care and resiliency

Click here for more information:  Creating Compassionately Healthy Workplace Flyer

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