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Cheryl provides coaching, programs, and solutions that support the life you and your organization desire!

  • Creating the Life You Desire: Discover life’s possibilities and create the life you desire. Coaching with Cheryl will provide you with the space you need for reflection, the facilitated process of building skills and tools, and the actions steps necessary for moving your life forward towards your desired goals and outcomes.
  • Wellness Solutions: Are you stuck in a place of “dis-ease” from stress, chronic conditions, or lack of self-care? Cheryl has coaching solutions to help you identify that which feels “broken” and the opportunities for “ease” that will have you feeling well and productive. Manage chronic conditions, live a mindful and intentional life of wellness, actualize your goals for a healthier body and soul, find resources to manage health challenges, and live the life you desire!
  • Creating a Mindful Workplace Community: Creating a Mindful Workplace Community is Cheryl’s answer to actualizing a “new paradigm” that will empower employees at all levels making your organization optimally productive. Your Mindful Workplace Community will include team cohesion and morale, improved communication and candor, enhanced innovation, staff and management loyalty and retention, reduced stress, and more!
  • Professional Development Solutions: Do you want to take your career to the next level? Creating the career you desire is possible through coaching and professional development with Cheryl. Enjoy coaching, certificate programs, workshops, retreats, and conferences. You will have a career in which to thrive, you will be creative and innovative, you will be the leader you desire to be, you will make a difference through productivity and compassion.

Cheryl’s new book is now available on Amazon.com!  Use this link to purchase a copy today:  The Journey In: Creating the Life You Desire

Cheryl’s coaching workbook: The Journey In: Creating the Life You Desire will provide a foundation and tools for the work we will do together as a “co-creative” team.

The Journey In - Creating the Life You Desire

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